Unique experiences, stays and days out in Florence Countryside in the heart of Tuscany
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An Eighteenth Century countryside villa, farm and farmhouse for unique experiences surrounded by the breathtaking, unforgettable beauty of Tuscany. We would like to share with you the lifestyle, the tastes, the sceneries and the events.

Our work start early in the morning and in many ways it never ends. We love what we do and we wouldn’t trade our Tuscan countryside lifestyle for all the gold in this world. We see the sun rise and fall over the mountains the surround our valley. We are blessed with pure, fresh air and sceneries that can heal our souls.


We aim to deliver something different to our visitors and guests. That is why we offer a range of what we call “experiences” that not only make them enjoy the beauty and all the benefits of a family-run farm and farmhouse but also the particular place for its history and peculiarities.

Our farm features a beautiful traditional Eighteenth Century large villa with a lovely garden that still retains the characteristics of the time, and lovely areas we can build your experience in for your: the woodland, the olive groves, the meadows, the orchards. In many respects, time has stopped here and you can pleasantly, leisurely abandon yourself to a slow paced world of genuine old time Tuscany countryside.


Our hands get proudly dirty with that very soil that feeds us and scratched by the amazing nature surrounding our beautiful home. The land is sometime benevolent and generous, sometime harsh and stingy, but our farm has deep roots in our hearts and we put love in everything we do.

There really is something special in eating genuine food we grow and care for ourselves. There is a tangible and yet invisible connection between us and our beloved Tuscany and we want others to be able to discover and appreciate such a connection as well as have the chance to see and experience it all through new eyes and creative ways.

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We are simple people. We work hard in the farm and eat good food from our land. We enjoy what we have. Winter cuddles us with a lovely fireplace. Other seasons bless us with wonderful colours, views and produces.